Relay Race of Minority Languages 2017

In 2015, thanks to Law n. 6 of the 27th March, the Region has officially recognized the Festa della Patria del Friuli, whose goal is to celebrate and add value to the origins, the culture and history of autonomy of Friuli.
The 2017 edition celebrations of the Festa della Patria del Friuli are enriched by a major sporting event taking place: the Relay Race of Minority Languages, promoted by ARLeF- Agjenzie Regjonâl pe Lenghe Furlane and coordinated by Associazione Maratonina Udinese, which has promoted events, marathons and relay races in Friuli and Italy since 2002.
The Relay Race will take place on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd April 2017 for a distance of 100 km: the departure is scheduled for 8:00 am Saturday, 1st April from Piazza Libertà in Udine and the arrival for 3.30pm on Sunday, 2nd of April in Sappada.
The route of the Relay will pass through the municipalities of Udine, Tavagnacco, Tricesimo, Tarcento, Magnano in Riviera, Artegna, Gemona del Friuli, Osoppo, Trasaghis, Bordano, Cavazzo carnico, Verzegnis, Tolmezzo, Villa Santina, Lauco, Ovaro, Comeglians, Rigolato, Forni Avoltri and Sappada.
During the race, the different municipalities and their local volunteering associations will be involved, cheering at the athletes passing by. In addition, about 20 sports clubs will participate.
The torchbearers will take turns in the various stages of the race: the text of the Imperial Decree, the document that in 1077 ratified the act of constitution of the Patria del Friuli, will accompany them. The arrival of the last torchbearer at the place of the event will mark the end of the main celebration for the 940 years of the Festa della Patria del Friuli, which this year will take place in the municipality of Sappada.
The Relay Race of Minority Languages wants to underline symbolically the importance of the different linguistic identities in the "Patrie dal Friûl", involving Friulian, Slovenian and German-speaking athletes. The event will take place during the days of the celebrations for the birth of the Friuli Patriarch state.

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