The Istitût Ladin Furlan "Pre Checo Placeran", in collaboration with the Messaggero Veneto - Giornale del Friuli, has published a notice of competition for a musical composition contest to select the official anthem for the Friuli Homeland. The anthem will have to bring up the main characteristics and special features of Friuli, in reference to the history, traditions, social and linguistic identity of the entire community.

The author of the winning composition, selected by the jury, will receive a prize of € 3.000,00. The competition is open to composers of any nationality, age, sex and residence; each candidate must submit anonymously only one original composition, which was never published, performed or awarded a prize. The material must be received by registered mail by 20 January 2018 to the following address: Istitût ladin Furlan "Pre Checo Placerean"
Concors pal Inmi de Patrie dal Friûl
CP 3 - 33039 SEDEGLIANO (UD)

Please note: term extended to 31 January.

To enter the contest, download the complete set of regulations and entry form provided below:

Notice of competition to compose the Friuli Homeland anthem
Registration form_ Notice of competition to compose the Friuli Homeland anthem

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