Educational materials for schools

Here you can find some didactic materials which help to deepen the thematics developed in Dj Tubet’s song “No sta a contâmi dome chê storie". Theachers can find the instructions here below to better employ the materials, the text of the song with explicative notes, the score for the flute and different bases of the song. You can also download some audio file simplified in their speed, in order to help the students exercising in the song execution with the flute.


Text in-depht
Text of the song with some historical notes.

Flute score
Score of the song to be played with the flute.

Slowed down-audio
Audio-files of the song, of the base and of the song acappella recorded at different speed (60 bpm, 65 bpm and 70 bpm), slower than the original one recored at 80 bpm, to simplify the learning.

Audio-files of the base, of the song acappella and of the base without the flute.

Download the whole material

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