No sta a contâmi dome chê storie

ARLeF asked Tubet Dj to write a song to explain the history of Friuli to young people. For the making of the video, which will become the official promotional video of the Fiestas de Patrie on April 3, 2016, a public call for film-making proposals was published.
The new artistic creation by Dj Tubet  (33-year-old rapper from Nimis) is called "No sta a contâmi dome chê storie",  performed by vocalist Camilla Grassi, aka Milly, who sings for the first time in Friulian: it tells the story of a soldier in the trenches during World War I that, while waiting for a new order of attack, recalls the key milestones in the history of Friuli, making a reflection on war, peace and his own roots. The historical nodes are inspired by a book entitled "La nestre storie" by Pre Checo Placerean and, the rap refrain quotes a 16th century Giorgio Mainerio melodic string: “Putta nera, ballo furlano”.
ARLeF decided to support and use this project as a multimedia promotional means for the festival but also as a set of educations materials. The material produced by Dj Tubet may indeed be considered as a soundtrack but also as a teaching tool for dissemination and understanding of Friulian histor, from its origins to World War I, offering a simple poetic construction of history. The backing can also be used to sing the lyrics as originally sang, or changed by the teachers at will.
The winner of the competition launched by ARLeF for the making of the music video is Monfalcone-born Massimo Racozzi. The Scientific Committee of the Agency chose the work of the architect, film director, writer, and illustrator among the seven works submitted. The artist, in collaboration with  Stefania Carlotta Del Bianco and Maurizio Mattiuzza, will create a video to accompany the lyrics, with a story construed and organised using the technique of hand-made animation. In the past, Racozzi worked for national enterprises and with equally famous artists such as Elisa and il Volo.

The song
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