"Emozions furlanis in viaç pal teritori" contest

For the “Fieste dal Friûl” of April 3rd - officialy recognised by regional law no. 6  of the 27th of march 2015 (Istituzione della “Fieste de Patrie dal Friûl”-Istituzion de “Fieste de Patrie dal Friûl”) - the Regional Educational Authority, together with ARLeF and the Province of Udine, announces the fifth edition of the contest “Emozions furlanis in viaç pal teritori”, in order to give value and promote the historic, artistic, cultural and natural heritage of Friuli. The teachers who want to participate have to send the paper within the 21st of March. The contest is opened to nursery the  and primary schools of the Provinces of Gorizia, Pordenone and Udine.
The reward consists in 1000,00 euro and some voucher, given by ARLeF, to be spent in didactic material and different didactic instruments and supports in friulian language kindly offered by the Province of Udine, the Società Filologica Friulana, the association “La Patrie dal Friûl” and other associations which work to value the friulian language and culture. The best three papers will be awarded during the cerimony which will take place in Gradisca d’Isonzo, Sunday April 3rd at 12.00, within the official celebration of the Fieste de Patrie dal Friûl.

Here you can find the documents:

Note of the contest URSFVG


Paper of the project

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