Contributions and activities to be funded

For the support of cultural events organized by local authorities in Friuli for the celebration of the 2016 "Fiestas de Patrie dal Friûl", the total allocation of funds amounts to EUR 30,000.00. That is:
- EUR 7,000.00 are earmarked for cultural initiatives submitted by the Friulian Provinces of Gorizia, Pordenone and Udine;
- EUR 3,000.00 are earmarked for provincial capitals;
- EUR 20,000.00 are earmarked for other local authorities.
Eligible activities include cultural activities aimed at promoting the Friulian language, history and culture as well as the literature and the book industry in Friulian language, computer and language tools to raise awareness, promote musical and theatrical performances in Friulian and purchase and distribute flags.
Announcement and contributions

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