Tastiere Furlane Semplice

The Tastiere Furlane Semplice (Simple Friulian Keyboard) allows you to write in the Friulian language quickly and correctly, using the correct accents and symbols. With a very simple combination of keys, it will not be necessary to use the ASCII code or to insert the symbol each time in the text. Once you have installed the program, it is easy to use. In order to write the Friulan letters you simply use the following key combinations: AltGr + a to get "â"; AltGr + e to get "ê"; AltGr + i, to get "î"; AltGr + o to get "ô"; AltGr + u to get "û". The same procedure works for uppercase letters, adding the shift key, even for the “Ç” symbol.
This new version is suitable for Windows XP or later versions

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