The Media

The start of the periodical press in Friulian coincides with the first issue, in 1883, of the weekly magazine called «Florean dal Palazz». Printed between 1883 and 1886, the magazine managed to top 170 issues with a circulation of approximately 10,000 copies. However, for a more mature form of journalism in Friulian we must wait till 1946 when Giuseppe Marchetti founded «Patrie dal Friûl».
A pugnacious and dynamic newspaper, «Patrie dal Friûl» advocated that Friuli should be established as an autonomous Region and that Friulian should be recognised as the official language.
«Patrie dal Friûl» was regularly published until 1965. In the meantime, in 1963, experience with the periodical «Int furlane» had started and lasted till 1987. The monthly magazines «La Patrie dal Friûl» (first issue in 1978 and still distributed), «Ladins dal Friûl» (first issue in 1998 and still distributed), and «INT» (first issue in 2001 and on the web from 2004 to 2009 as

The use of the radio and television in Friulian is only recent. The debut of the Friulian language on the radio dates back to the ‘60s when the Florean e Venturin daily programme was broadcast by Radio Trieste. However, we must wait until the second half of the ‘70s for the first news bulletins and in-depth programmes with the radio news La vôs dal Friûl (Radio Effe) and the TV programme Friûl ch’al vîf (Radio Effe and Radio Friuli). Radio Onde furlane was created in 1980 and represented the first radio broadcast that started transmitting in Friulian on a regular basis. Also Radio Spazio 103, created in 1993 broadcasts many radio programmes in Friulian.
The first TV programmes in Friulian started between the ‘70s and the ‘80s, broadcast by the private broadcaster Telefriuli. With the enforcement of Regional Law no. 15/96 dealing with the protection of the Friulian language, the TV programming also extends to other local broadcasters and RAI, the Italian national public broadcasting company, also through innovative programmes such as magazines, news bulletins and cartoons.

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