Friuli is an unparalleled container of meetings and confrontations between histories, cultures, languages, ethnic groups that are different from one another. A reference framework that is so composite and diversified has created, over last decades, fertile ground for a musical proposal that is just as rich and diversified where today it is still possible to find archaic traces of a farming past and its oral tradition, beside the artistic and musical experimentation that often considers its cultural roots as an essential element.
Contemporary Friulian music appears to be influenced by some musical models that came to fame in the last thirty years: from the ‘Italian melodic song’ to the singer-songwriter song, from the so-called folk ‘revival’ to the political ‘canzonieri’. The recent phenomenon of the Gnove musiche furlane is quite interesting. It developed in the early ‘90s and comprises various genres: the singer-songwriter song, the ethno folk-rock, ethnic jazz and the more recent rock, rap and electronic trends. A fruitful season of songs, music and musicians that have written a fundamental page of the contemporary Friulian culture helping it live in the present with experiences that have caused the language, history and culture itself to measure up with other languages.

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